Tucked away in a quiet corner of West Lake Hanoi is a beautiful French villa where you can enjoy a catch up with friends, have a quiet meeting or celebrate a special event. Relax in our tropical courtyard, enjoy the views of West Lake from one of the balconies or chill in our numerous air conditioned spaces. We also roast all our coffee onsite.

Fragrant path nature retreat offers a tranquil rural experience only 40 minutes from the city. Our nature retreat comprises of traditional Vietnamese houses, set amid our plantations and woodlands.  Our nature retreat is available for off-site work meetings and private one day group bookings by arrangement. It’s the perfect space for a group gathering.

At Fragrant Path nature retreat, we host a monthly ‘Nourishment Day’ to help restore your inner calm and breathe some fresh country air. You can experience yoga, meditation, trekking and other delights to revive your energy and bring a sparkle back to your smile. We offer you a day of calm delight when you choose to come. Held the last Sunday of each Month.

Cold Brew Coffee

Handcrafted for 10 hours using cold brew technique.  Cold Brewed Ethiopian Arabica coffee is naturally sweet & smooth with low acidity. Savour it straight over ice or stretched with two parts concentrate, one part milk.  Cold brewed for 10 hours in Maison de Tet decor.  This is our iced coffee of choice for Summer.

Juice Cleanse Program

Maison de Tet décor’s cold pressed juice cleanse program is designed to assist clearing your body of nasty toxins, help kick start your metabolism and get you feeling awesome.  You receive 4 or 6 fresh juices made from vegetables, fruit and seeds, delivered fresh every day for your 3 or 5 day program.

Micro Batch Roasted Coffee

To bring you the very finest cup of coffee we roast a range of quality International and Vietnamese single origin coffees onsite everyday at Maison de Tet décor. You can enjoy it cup by delicious cup or buy a freshly roasted bag to take home.  You may also want to join one of our very popular coffee workshops where you can sample coffees from around the world